I have been a ceramic sculptor in Mineral Point, Wisconsin since finishing an MFA at Arizona State University in 1976. In the past 34 years I have produced and installed 38 major works of freestanding or wall-mounted sculpture in both indoor and outdoor settings in several states. 

My largest mural is fifty-two feet long and took nine tons of clay to create. Smaller work in the range of two to twenty-five feet were made for public, commercial and residential wall hangings or for mortaring within stucco or brick walls. 

Each of my commissioned works is unique, not only in aesthetic concept, but also in the engineering required for installation. I have designed works to fit enormous concave surfaces and to wrap around building corners. In Sportsman’s Park, I worked with Chicago masons to lay up their mural like brick. At Menasha, Wisconsin, a mural was glued and jointed on twelve 8’ x 10’ concrete panels then lifted into place with a crane and bolted to the wall. For a Brighton, Colorado installation I glued 745 pieces to 22 wood panels that were then wall mounted to steel studs. In some cases, I designed works that could be disassembled and moved to another setting at a later date. 

I approach each project by researching the local ecology, natural history and human history. These are the elements that create the essence of local culture and environment. These elements are also timeless and will be as fresh decades from now as they are today. 

I specialize in animals, history and the human experience.